A Pint Sized Powerhouse

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The stage presence of a performer, the brains of a lawyer, and the heart of a teacher of the deaf ~ all wrapped up into one to deliver a productive, purposeful and passionate presentation!

Looking for a Dynamic Speaker? Look no further!
Lisa Montanaro is The Real Deal!

Lisa is what happens when brains, charisma, and heart collide! Lisa will captivate your audience with rich content, solid strategies, powerful stories, and interactive exercises, blended with humor and warmth that ties it all together. Hailing originally from NY, Lisa offers “straight talk” in a down-to-earth style so that participants leave her presentations feeling like they had a powerful and directed conversation with a whip-smart and funny friend. Lisa instills in audience members that “I can do this” attitude so they walk away uplifted and ready to get started. Participants will have a clear road map that provides clarity and structure in all aspects of their lives.

It is a great thrill and honor to use the public speaking platform as a way to change people’s lives, impact their work, and to ultimately contribute to the transformation of society and this world. Exploring new places and engaging with new people is one of my favorite things to do.

I find people and places fascinating and am a lifelong learner that tries to see the world as an amazing school that can constantly fill me up with knowledge and insight. Traveling around the U.S. – and hopefully soon, the world, as one of my goals is to speak globally – to share what I’ve gleaned from my background as a performer, educator, mediator, lawyer, entrepreneur, coach, consultant and writer is an absolute joy and privilege.

I love to connect with audiences that are hungry for something new – something that just might positively shift their thinking, their business/career, and their lives.

Lisa is the right speaker for your upcoming meeting, conference or event if:

  • Your group consists of business owners or career professionals;
  • You want attendees to feel inspired and motivated;
  • You want to increase productivity and change their mindset;
  • You want attendees to feel passionate about their work and life;
  • You want attendees to feel more focused on a daily basis;
  • You want a powerful, uplifting presentation that will empower and move your audience to action.

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Deaf and Hard-of Hearing Audiences Welcome!

Lisa is proficient in American Sign Language. She has deaf cousins, worked for three years as an interpreter and instructor at the New York School for the Deaf, and taught sign language and Deaf culture at local community colleges and centers frequently over the last 15 years.

Sign language and the deaf community remain a great passion of Lisa’s and she welcomes deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences to book her as a speaker. She will come ready to communicate in sign language, as well as work with any interpreter that may be provided for the event. There are not many hearing speakers that would feel comfortable on stage in front of a deaf or hard-of-hearing audience, let alone be able to sign for him or herself! n>

Contact Lisa today to invite her to address your deaf or hard-of-hearing audience.