I’m absolutely delighted to be inviting you to join me for a very special FREE virtual event “The Power of Story Summit” PLUS… it comes with tons of free gifts!

I am incredibly excited about the special invitation that has been given to me to speak as an expert at this event! I think story is so powerful and my interview will be about how I held back and didn’t use my story in the first few years of my business. And then when I opened up and started using my story, my business exploded in amazing ways!

It is my honor to share how I use the power of story in my successful business with you and thousands of other people who have incredible stories to share that can transform their businesses right now. So if you want to learn how to go deep and tap into the power of your personal story to instantly create the know, like and trust factor that leads to more sales the sign up for The Power of Story Summit now!

We can’t promise you that an event like this will ever happen again, so make sure to take advantage of it right away!


Enter the world of story with us and learn how to:  

  • Find and use your own stories to sell and profit
  • Create a signature speech
  • Dig deep to find powerful images and metaphors you can use to tell and sell
  • Draw out and listen to your clients’ stories so you know what they want
  • Develop a metaphor story
  • Know where to post your stories
  • Pull out the essence of your transformational story
  • Tweet, video, Facebook and blog your story
  • TELL your authentic story anywhere, anytime in a way that works

and much more…

Click here to reserve your spot now!

I really hope you’ll join us – click here!

About Lisa Montanaro

Lisa Montanaro is a Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker and Author who helps people live successful and passionate lives, and enjoy productive and profitable businesses. To receive her free Toolkit, Achieve Powerhouse Success with Purpose, Passion & Productivity, visit www.LisaMontanaro.com/toolkit. Lisa is the author of "The Ultimate Life Organizer: An Interactive Guide to a Simpler, Less Stressful & More Organized Life" published by Peter Pauper Press. Through her work, Lisa helps people deal with the issues that block personal and professional change and growth. To explore how Lisa can help you be purposeful, passionate and productive, contact Lisa at (530) 302-5306 or by e-mail at .

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