celebrateI am wishing you all a fantastic 2014 personally and professionally. I find it helps me to choose a word to give me an over-arching theme in the new year. For many people, the one word approach feels more manageable and powerful than a laundry list of New Year’s Resolutions which can often feel like any other To-Do List.

My word for the new year is Presence — a reminder to focus on the moment, to live each moment to the fullest, and to savor each experience. What’s your word/theme?

In 2011, my word was Implement (and boy did I implement that year as I changed my business brand and model, and went with my husband on 13 interviews around the U.S. to choose a place for him to do a residency and for us to relocate to from NY). My word in 2012 was Change as we relocated across country and completely changed our lives (and expanded my business). In 2013, my word was Discover as I acclimated to living in Northern California and embracing our new life here (took Italian classes, became a “real” bicyclist, got back on stage with local theater groups, etc). Now in 2014, my word is Presence as it will be all about living in the moment, uni-tasking and savoring all of the experiences personally and professionally that I am blessed to have in my life.

When I posted on social media about this one-word approach, I got a huge response to my appeal for people to share their word of the new year. People’s comments were very inspiring and thought-provoking.

So… what is your word or theme? Share in the comments so others can be inspired too!

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2 Responses to “What’s Your “One Word” for the New Year?”

  1. Nealey Stapleton

    My word for 2014 is MINDFUL. I am going to be more mindful this year by really living in the present, recognizing opportunities of all sizes when they come my way and thoroughly enjoying everything I do.

    I’ve got the word written on a post-it displayed above my desk. I love seeing it everyday, and it really inspires me. Yeehaa!!!

    • Lisa Montanaro

      Love that your word is Mindful! It’s actually very close to my word, which is Presence. Sounds like we both want to stay in the moment, and fully enjoy everything. Love that you posted it where you can see it everyday. That visual reminder will be great reinforcement!!


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