My friend and colleague Stephanie Calahan recently posted on social media asking people to share their favorite project and task management tools. I shared how much I love using Asana! Stephanie then asked me to write a comprehensive guest blog post for her readers describing Asana, how I use it for my business (and personal life!), and why I love it so much. Thought I’d share it with my readers too!

Click on over and check it out, and feel free to leave comments under the original post over on Stephanie’s site, or below on mine.

asanaWould love to know if you are using a project and task management system, which one and how you like it. And if not, let us know if you plan to check out Asana after reading this post. Read the article here.

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4 Responses to “4 Reasons Why I Love Asana & My Team Has Never Been More Productive”

    • Lisa Montanaro

      Steve – Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found a system you like and that it is working for you. That is all that really matters. There are a plethora of software/applications available now, some free, some paid, that do similar things. It is important to find the one that is the best fit for YOU. Proofhub looks great. It is more of a paid service, though, although not expensive. But for someone looking for a robust free system, it may not fit the bill. It does have a free or low-fee version, but you can only focus on one project at a time from my understanding, so it is limited. I do like the Gantt charts and some other advanced features in Proofhub. Bottom line – If YOU love it, keep using it! Thanks for your comment.

  1. Janet Barclay

    I’ve recently started using Smartsheet. Although there’s a monthly fee, I chose it over Asana because I’m able to set it up to remind clients or team members of their upcoming due dates, whereas with Asana, each individual has to activate reminders themselves. Since one of my main reasons to start using this type of tool was to help keep projects on track with automated email reminders, it was a worthwhile investment for me.

    • Lisa Montanaro

      Janet – Love that you found a system that works well for your needs. As a business coach/consultant, I often set clients up on Asana so we can keep track of their projects together, but yes, as you pointed out, they put in their own reminders. For my own business, my Online Business Manager has full access to my Asana so she can put it reminders for me. Whatever works for us, right? 🙂


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