Well, as the saying goes… out with the old and in with the new! And I am celebrating that in a big way with the launch of the all-new LisaMontanaro.com website. I am beyond thrilled to launch this site and hope you will welcome me in celebrating.

To be honest, this new site has been a long time coming, and a labor of love for my team and me. I could not have accomplished this major re-brand, complete with a new look, business and site name, design, logo, service offerings, expanded products and more without the assistance of my amazing webmaster Lisa Tarrant, virtual assistant Deborah Davis, and marketing coach Christine Gallagher. They have been instrumental in this rebrand process and I am very grateful to be blessed with such devoted and kick- butt team members.

new_websiteThe LM Organizing Solutions site has been taken down… yes, I know that may seem sad, but truly, it is not. It was time to “catch up” to the expanded brand that my business has become. For years, I’ve taken a holistic approach to assisting my clients, both individuals and organizations, improve personal and professional development and effectiveness on all levels. I do this through coaching, consulting, speaking and writing. It is about time my website, blog, products, services and online profiles reflect the depth and breadth of my client work and offerings.

If you are looking for a coach/consultant to help you be more successful in business, career or life this year, let’s chat.

My coaching is offered 3 ways:

  • Strategy Sessions (75 minute targeted sessions by phone, Skype or in person)
  • VIP Intensives (half day, full day or 2 day options by phone, Skype or in person)
  • Platinum Level Coaching (long-term, full-access pass, in 3, 6 and 12 month packages)

Check out the different types of coaching/consulting I offer on the new site’s Coaching page.

reminderIf you are looking for a speaker for your corporation, non-profit, organization, or association, you will love my new Speaking page. It is a one-stop shop for meeting planners and has some new “surprises” and unique programs and offerings that not many other speakers can offer, or even attempt (yes, I know that may sound boastful, but how many speakers can present in sign language? or incorporate singing and dancing into a presentation in a way that actually connects to the content?). I’ve decided that this is the year that I allow all of my background, skills, and experience to collide in powerful ways to bring speaking engagements to my clients that are unique and extraordinary, while still delivering valuable conte nt.

If you are still looking for hands-on organizing assistance, don’t fret! I will be happy to arrange for one of my hand-picked organizing associates on the East or West Coast to come on out and help you.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea (or even better, a glass of wine!), and check out the new site. Poke around. Read some cool articles and Blog posts (and while you are there, subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed for updates). Watch some videos. Check out the expanded Online Store. Claim your valuable FREE toolkit.

Share the site with others. Interact, comment and stay awhile. Feedback is welcome (really!). And by all means, if you s ee a link that is not working, or heaven-forbid, a typo, please email me and bring it to my attention so we can fix it.

Thanks for your continued loyalty as a member of my business community. I look forward to our continued relationship.

About Lisa Montanaro

Lisa Montanaro is a Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker and Author who helps people live successful and passionate lives, and enjoy productive and profitable businesses. To receive her free Toolkit, Achieve Powerhouse Success with Purpose, Passion & Productivity, visit www.LisaMontanaro.com/toolkit. Lisa is the author of "The Ultimate Life Organizer: An Interactive Guide to a Simpler, Less Stressful & More Organized Life" published by Peter Pauper Press. Through her work, Lisa helps people deal with the issues that block personal and professional change and growth. To explore how Lisa can help you be purposeful, passionate and productive, contact Lisa at (530) 302-5306 or by e-mail at .

28 Responses to “Introducing the all-new LisaMontanaro.com website and brand!”

  1. Mary E. Rossow

    … a typo is lurking, darling.
    “To be honest, this new site has been a long time coming, and a labor of love for my team and I.” (s/b ‘me’, me thinks!!!) Anybody who reads this AND KNOWS ME will choke on their morning coffee… as I’m famous for taking indecent liberties with the English language, punctuation, and creative spelling! πŸ˜‰ MER

    • Lisa Montanaro

      Mary my dear – You are correct! And I am not choking on my morning tea. I am thanking you for pointing it out, as you know how much I despise typos. It’s been fixed, bless you! Warmly – Lisa

  2. Meggin McIntosh

    VERY exciting, Lisa! Congratulations and we are thrilled to have you on our side of the country, even though you’re still traveling and serving people on the east side, too!

  3. Alys Milner

    Lisa, What a fabulous site! I loved reading about your background, the challenges you’ve face and your career evolution.

    I studied theater in college, worked in corporate HR and started organizing professionally a decade after having children. I studied sign language in college (though not proficient) and we have four cats.

    It’s fun to discover all the similarities, but for everything I’ve done, you’ve done it in spades. My hat is off to you for all your incredible accomplishments, but more so, for the person you are.

    Kudos on your new site.


    • Lisa Montanaro

      Wow, Alys! We do have many similarities. How cool! And thanks for the hats off. Means a lot to me, as does the fact that you took so much time to review the new site and to comment on the blog! Very much appreciated.

  4. Sibel Babacan, CPCC

    Congratulations on your new web-site and brand, Lisa. Everything looks beautiful and authentic. This also tells me that you have transitioned nicely to your new life in CA. Nicely done. Very happy for you.

    • Lisa Montanaro

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sibel. I appreciate your support, and love that you think it’s authentic. That means a lot to me. And yes, I’m loving California so far.

  5. Erin Ferree

    I love the way you introduced this here – it’s always great to tell people exactly what’s up and what’s new when you’re doing a brand transition so they feel “in the loop”. Congratulations!

  6. Lisa Montanaro

    Erin- Thanks so very much. That means a lot coming from a branding expert like you! I intuitively assumed clients and prospects should not only be informed of the rebrand, but the how and why too. Good to get validation that this is a smart move!

  7. Diane Sullivan

    Lisa, I love the new look and the new content. I am working on my own website and I can only hope it flows like yours does.

    • Lisa Montanaro

      Thanks Diane. I am so glad you like the new site and appreciate you letting me know! Good luck on your new site. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

  8. Christine Marmoy

    Nice job Lisa! I agree, this new site does translate your transition to California, while still being you which is really important as well. Isn’t the feeling of launching a new site, great? Sharing the reasons why you changed, what it means, it’s another way to get closer to your audience.

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  9. Lisa Montanaro

    Christine – Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me, as I know you just relocated personally and have rebranded your business and website in the past too. So, you speak from true experience! Glad you like my new site and feel it captures “me.” πŸ™‚

  10. Gina Bell

    Love the new site Lisa and how it reflects the evolution of both your business and your life. Sharing the news here allows us to celebrate the expansion with you. Here’s to your ever-rising success! ~ Gina xo

  11. Charlotte

    Lisa – the site looks great! You and your team did a great job and I’m so excited for you. Must be a great feeling. Congrats on the book as well!! Cheers.

  12. Nadine Nicholson

    Lisa, your site reflects the multi talents of you! Congratulations on achieving your goals and expressing yourself in a way that works for you now and will allow you to continue to grow well into the future.

  13. Margo DeGange, M.Ed.

    Hats off to you Lisa, and Congratulations on the new site and brand. It is always great when your marketing messages and materials match what you are all about and the way you have been serving clients each and every day.

    Business is certainly an evolutionary process, and it grows and changes with us and with our clients. It’s great to see how fully and holistically you can now serve your client as well as those who are just discovering you!

    Well done!


    • Lisa Montanaro

      Thank you Margo. I appreciate your congrats and your comment!

      Yes, owning a business certainly IS an evolutionary process. I like to say that it is one of the most profound types of professional and personal development there is. I didn’t know that going in 11 years ago. But now that I do, it not only doesn’t surprise me, it is one of the things I like best about being an entrepreneur!


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