By Guest Blogger, Jared Heath

Everyone has pencil drawers and filing systems that we fondly refer to as “organized chaos.” But sometimes you have more to organize than five years of tax returns and insurance policies. If you’re anything like me, you love your motorcycle, the entertainment center you built for your wife, and that hideous couch-and-chair combo you bought before you got married. And if you’re still like me, you need to find a place to put all of it before your wife auctions it off on Craig’s List.

Fellas, I know you love your garage, but it just isn’t that big. In fact, home sizes have been shrinking according to this USA Today article, presumably to accommodate the new “slim-but-not-so-sleek” look of the average American’s wallet since 2008. So what do you do with all your stuff without all your space?

Storage units. You start by biting the bullet and selling the nasty couch, and then you take those valuable and seasonal possessions and put them away for the time being. As Lisa Montanaro recommends, getting rid of the clutter saves time and money. Some things, however, don’t fall into the “clutter” category, though it doesn’t quite qualify as junk, either.

Here’s the principle in action: my wife and I got married eight months ago, and we started collecting furniture before we had a place to live. Paying rent in the LA area is a beast as it is, and paying a few months’ rent before the wedding while still paying for our personal apartments was not going to happen. That’s when I discovered that Los Angeles storage units were far more affordable than Los Angeles apartments as my wife and I got our lives put together.

Everything needs it place, and your basement and garage are not as bottomless as you had hoped. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to sell absolutely everything with which you can’t bear to part. Downsize your house, downsize your life, and get a storage unit for a few bucks a month to keep things organized.

Jared Heath is a freelance writer whose passions are his family, writing, and motorcycles. After reading Lisa’s blog on putting every aspect of life in its place, Jared offered his own ways to keep order in life and peace with his wife. Jared and his family now live in Utah.

About Lisa Montanaro

Lisa Montanaro is a Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker and Author who helps people live successful and passionate lives, and enjoy productive and profitable businesses. To receive her free Toolkit, Achieve Powerhouse Success with Purpose, Passion & Productivity, visit Lisa is the author of "The Ultimate Life Organizer: An Interactive Guide to a Simpler, Less Stressful & More Organized Life" published by Peter Pauper Press. Through her work, Lisa helps people deal with the issues that block personal and professional change and growth. To explore how Lisa can help you be purposeful, passionate and productive, contact Lisa at (530) 302-5306 or by e-mail at .

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