My friend and colleague Stephanie Calahan recently posted on social media asking people to share their favorite project and task management tools. I shared how much I love using Asana! Stephanie then asked me to write a comprehensive guest blog post for her readers describing Asana, how I use it for my business (and personal life!), and why I love it so much. Thought I’d share it with my readers too!

Click on over and check it out, and feel free to leave comments under the original post over on Stephanie’s site, or below on mine.

asanaWould love to know if you are using a project and task management system, which one and how you like it. And if not, let us know if you plan to check out Asana after reading this post. Read the article here.

My colleague Stephanie Calahan posed this question to 31 business experts, “As a business owner, you have many things that you could spend your time on. How do you make sure that you are using your time the most effectively? How do you make sure that you don’t get get “caught up” in the “Bright Shiny Objects” that could take your eyes off of your priorities?”

Take a look at how they stay focused and avoid BSO’s in these 31 Tips to Take You to Focused Success (Mine is #31).

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Here is another brilliant idea from Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions!

What do you get when you ask a very tongue in cheek question of a group of professional organizers? You get some sassy, funny, and intelligent answers! These are all responses from organizers when asked what time management tips do NOT work or are myths.

Click here for a good chuckle!


Do you know how to identify and knock out stress? In honor of Stress Awareness Month I contributed to Stephanie Calahan’s article on how to eradicate it. I think this topic is so important and we all should try to find ways that work for us individually to help reduce stress.

Take a look at this article and see my tip (#22) about “Escaping to My Journal”.

For more on the journal writing experience, check out my blog post on that subject here.

Stephanie Calahan’s at it again! She’s gathered advice from colleagues regarding boosting morale and staying motivated. We know that people that are motivated, are more productive… so take a look at the article Best Ways to Boost Morale or Motivation – Make Sure to Add Yours!

I bet several of these tips will inspire you. Mine is #38 – Tap Into the Passion. Take a look.

Take a look at my contribution to 16 Business Owners Share What They Would Do Differently (it’s #16 – Blueprint Your Business!).

Once again, Stephanie Calahan collected insight from colleagues to share on the topic of “documenting processes and procedures.” This is very important for any size of business – even if you are just a one-person organization. See all 16 tips here.

Boy, gathering the collective wisdom of organizers turns out awesome results! Check out my contribution to 6 Tips to Save You Time and Wasted Effort (it’s #3). Stephanie Calahan collected advice from her colleagues on new ways to preserve your precious time.

My favorite tip (#3) is about Changing Your Relationship with Time. Check it out here, along with 5 other great email tips.

Check out my contribution to 19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Don’t Want To (it’s #16). Stephanie Calahan collected email tips from her colleagues on how to keep control of the “electronic monster”.

My favorite tip (#16) is about the Clever Use of Filters and Folders. Check it out here, along with 15 other great email tips.

Getting Organized Has Never Been Easier! I am teaming up with Calahan Solutions, Inc. and other professional organizers and virtual assistants to make the most of National Get Organized Month, which is January 2010. Announcing “Get Organized Month January 2010 – The Great Organizing Giveaway!”

Starting January 25, 2010, seekers of organization and productivity wisdom can go to and sign up free resources such as ebooks, tip sheets, audio programs and more, as well as enter into drawings for amazing prizes.  Information will be categorized into three main categories: your office, your time, and your home.  Business professionals, parents and students will all find expert material that fits their personal productivity and organization needs.

I decided to participate in the Great Organizing Giveaway by providing an MP3 recording of a teleclass called “Conquering Paper Clutter” to everyone that participates.  “Conquering Paper Clutter” offers tips and advice on how to conquer the paper in your home, office, and life once and for all! It is also entertaining as it is in the style of an interview and features real questions by participants on how to deal with paper clutter, my trademarked approach to organizing, DECIDE, and many other useful tips and advice about how to get and stay organized. 

My fantastic colleagues in the professional organizing and virtual assistant industry have contributed tons of great information and resources, so be sure to check out the page. And get ready to be “wowed” with all of the great content!

To your success – Lisa