Are you ready to make positive changes in your life, home, and work environments?

This program is the home study version of the popular 6-week online group coaching program. Includes 6 MP3 recordings, the DECIDE to be Organized ebook, and lots of cool bonuses too!

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life, home, and work environments?

Many people say they want to get better organized, but in order to act upon that wish, you must deeply examine your motives for wanting to do so. Your motives must be strong enough to sustain you through the change process.

DECIDE is an empowering process that leads to change. It will assist you in achieving results at home, at work, and in life in general. While the process guides a person in making decisions that lead to a more organized state, it is itself a decision; a decision to take control.

If you are ready to change and need help with any of your productivity, organizing or time management projects, then the DECIDE to Be Organized Home Study Program is for you! The program allows participants to be guided through the entire DECIDE process in 6 pre-recorded modules. Lisa offers guidance, support, and expertise as you embark on this empowering process for change. Through DECIDE, you will learn the tools needed to get better organized, take control, and make positive changes.

“I have had the pleasure and honor of being a participant in Lisa’s workshop presentations, in which I have always learned a great deal, walked away with much more value than I had imagined possible in such a short period of time, and continued to receive value from Lisa, as she continues to make available to me the tools, information and wisdom of her wonderful integrative work! She is truly the BEST!”

~ Sheila Pearl , Life Coach, Mind-Body-Spirit Connections


What the DECIDE to be Organized Home Study Program Includes:

  • Time, motivation, and inspiration to work on your organizing projects.
  • A fun, supportive program to help you get better organized. You don’t have to go it alone.
  • Lasting tools to help you learn your own organizing style, change your mindset, and maintain your organizing systems long after the program is over.
  • Decluttered physical space and clarity of mind so that you can focus on the things you really want, love, and need in your home, life, and work.

“I cannot tell you how you have really changed my life. I know it sounds corny, but I was in such a bad place before your workshop. You got me thinking of how to use your methods for every aspect of my life and what a difference! I must say, your seminar really helped me put things into perspective and prioritize my activities. I don’t have to do it all at once. What a relief! It’s amazing how organizing your life gives such peace of mind!”

~ Rosemary Reo, Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES, Yorktown Heights, NY

Who Is the Perfect Candidate for this Group Coaching Program?

This is perfect for you if:


    • You are on a budget and cannot afford one-on-one productivity consulting or organizing services.
    • You need structure in order to reach their organizing goals. The program includes a structured 6-module system.
    • You want a comprehensive, but easy to digest, program.
    • You want time to work on your organizing projects — in fact, the whole goal of this program is for you to achieve results on an individual basis!
    • You want a program that is a combination of information, exercises, and support.

“Taking the “DECIDE to be Organized” 6-week group coaching program with Lisa Montanaro was a business and personal decision that has been so motivating and empowering! It has changed me in so many positive ways.

I am also a Professional Organizer and help others all the time with their organizing dilemmas. I took the DECIDE program to help myself, and learn from Lisa both personally and professionally.

Over the six weeks, I had a sense of direction and was able to focus more on the areas that needed help, as I felt accountable. The weekly calls were a time to share and get feedback from the other participants, and for Lisa to share her knowledge and expertise. Lisa was so understanding and encouraging, and had a way of inspiring each of us to be better.

I learned so much from this program and would recommend it to anyone who knows they want to make changes, and just needs some help to get there!” ~ Michelle O’Sullivan, Saving Spaces, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


“Lisa is multi-talented but what I really like about her is her approachability. Lisa knows how to answer the tough questions while making sure you truly understand the answers.”

~ Angela Ploetz of A Red Bench


The D.E.C.I.D.E to Be Organized Home Study Program

 Module 1 Discover what you have at home, at work, and in life.

In this early phase of the process, you must go on a path of discovery. Discover your biggest organizing obstacles and set goals for the program. Explore what physical and mental “stuff” takes up space in your life. Think of the Discover step as a time to reflect and conduct a self-assessment.

Module 2 Eliminate what is unnecessary and does not further your goals.

During this phase, you will need to spend time and energy thinking about, and ultimately purging items from your home and office that you do not love, use often, or need. This module will teach you about how to say no to tasks that do not further your goals. Learn about one of the biggest obstacles in organizing – determining what to purge.

Module 3 Categorize what remains.

Categorizing is vitally important as it serves as the foundation of the organizing system.  When items are stored by category, it is easier for the brain to process. In this module, you will learn how to “think” in categories so that you store like with like, making items easier to find, retrieve, and use. Discover tools and tricks to help categorize such as choosing common characteristics and “zoning.”

 Module 4 Implement a system designed to match your needs, habits, work & lifestyle.

For an organizing system to be successful, it must be tailored to you.  That means it must fit your home, work, needs, habit and lifestyle.  If not, you will be unable to maintain it.  Lisa will share tried-and-true systems that she has used with hundreds of clients. She will guide you in developing your own personalized “system” that will be easily maintainable.

Module 5 Dedicate yourself to maintaining your new system and integrating it into your life.

This is the stage when the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance comes in.  You must commit to making your organizing systems second-nature, or your self-help efforts will fail. Dedicate 5 will pull all of the tricks and tips together so that you have guidelines and goals to maintain your organizing efforts. You’ll be able to function more productively as you learn to stay organized.

Module 6 Enjoy the freedom and positive results being organized brings.

Think of Enjoy as the light at the end of the tunnel.  This is the time to bask in your newly organized systems, and enjoy the fruits of your labor — more time and space, improved health and relationships. Think about your successes and set future goals for after the program.

“I saw results immediately after starting to work with Lisa and built on our sessions together. Lisa is extremely creative as an organizer — no cookie-cutter solutions, but rather, a tailor-made system to suit my needs. She is a great listener and has a keen sense of intuition the way a dog has an advanced sense of smell — very astute and well rounded. I highly recommend Lisa if you are ready to make changes to create the space of your dreams, or are looking to make over your mind. Lisa is a very sincere, intelligent and organized professional!”

~ Terry Knight Friedman, Owner of Knight Creative Services, and Director II, Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, Highland Mills, NY


PLUS… All of the following come with the Home Study Program!

Bonus #1: You will receive a copy of the DECIDE to be Organized Group Coaching Program E-Book in PDF format.

eBook Image2You can download it to your computer or print it out. It’s chock-full of information that is covered in the Home Study Program to help you follow along, not have to take too many notes, and to have a reference point to refer back to time and again.  (Value: $29)

Bonus #2: MP3 recordings of each Module.

Mp3 player with clipping pathThey are yours to download and keep, or if you want to re-listen at any point.

(Value: $150 if purchased as stand-alone teleclasses for $25 each)

Bonus #3: Record Retention 101 – Organize Your Paperwork Audio

RecordRetentionCDI’m adding in my most popular audio program, Record Retention 101: Organize Your Paperwork, as a bonus!

You are not sure what to keep, so you keep, well . . . everything! This creates piles of paper and shoe boxes full of receipts. Does this sound familiar? There is a better way!

In this 75 minute audio presentation, I reveal the steps involved in setting up a Record Retention Policy for your home or home-based business.

Discover what to keep and for how long, and learn paper management systems to store and retrieve documents for future use.

Get tips on what papers are needed to support tax deductions.

Whether you use an accountant, do your taxes yourself from scratch, or use tax preparation software, this recording will help you slay the paper beast for tax season and the whole year through.

Bonus #4: Subscription to the Create Your Purpose, Live Your Passion E-zine.

CreateYourPurposeeBookGet all the information, support, and guidance you need to complete your organizing projects at home, at work, and in life. The value of this program is more than $1,000!  But I am offering it at an affordable introductory price of $199.


“Lisa is superb! I have watched many organizing shows on television and the organizers often force their clients into THEIR (the organizer’s) working and thinking patterns, not the clients. Lisa has a system that determines how you work and think.”

~ Sara Werling, Seely & Durland Insurance, Inc., Warwick, NY

But What If…

…I don’t know which organizing projects I want to work on?

Part of the process of the DECIDE Home Study Program is learning to discover what your organizing goals are, which projects you want to work on, and what will bring you the most satisfaction if accomplished.

…I’m not sure I can afford it.

Do some research. You’ll find this is one of the most affordable programs (and the most comprehensive) of its kind.  Lisa has kept the cost down so that many people can access her services in an affordable manner and get the assistance they need.

…I’ve never heard Lisa speak?

For a free preview of Lisa being interviewed as a guest expert discussing her six-step organizing process, DECIDE, click the play bar below…

…I am a Professional Organizer Looking for Organizing Education?

If you are a professional organizer and are looking for organizing education, the DECIDE Home Study Program is perfect for you too! You can take the program to learn a great new organizing process that you can use with your clients. I will issue a Certificate of Attendance that you can use to support 9 hours of recorded continuing education credits. In the past, organizers have taken the program along with non-organizers as a way to further their organizing skills and add a new process to their repertoire. You can too!

…I want to refer my clients, friends and colleagues to the DECIDE Home Study Program and earn a referral fee?

I bet you have colleagues, clients, and friends that would like to find out how they can lead a more organized, productive and peaceful life. I have an affiliate (referral) program where if someone purchases one of my products or services that you referred them to, you automatically get 20% of the sale! It’s that easy… tell your friends, colleagues and clients and if they buy, you earn a commission. All you have to do is sign up to be an LMGE affiliate and you’re given a special link to pass on to your colleagues, clients and friends.

“I was in your Orange-Ulster Boces ‘Get Organized’ class last Fall. My problem was home office/paper, etc. I have streamlined certain of my monthly bill paying processes and am working on others. As a result, I have found the time to work on scrapbooks for my children. Thanks again for your valuable suggestions. I still have many delayed decisions and need to reconfigure my entry landing zone, but I am making progress and am much happier.”

~ Colleen, Highland Mills, NY

And Now, One Final Question…

Are You Ready to DECIDE to be Organized?

Yes! I want to purchase the DECIDE to be Organized Home Study Program and take advantage of all the information and support I’ll need to get my organizing projects accomplished!

Make the right decision. Decide to DECIDE!

“I am really glad I took your DECIDE to be Organized Group Coaching Program. What a great program – thank you! I was able to get organizing education credits and accomplish some of my own projects to boot. Every time I go into my office now, I actually KNOW where everything is! I’m so sad it’s over….I really got motivated to finally tackle the dreaded paperwork and once I did it… well it wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned. I so appreciate your wisdom, insights, humor and how engaged you were with each and every person. ~ Karin Flagg, Professional Organizer,

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