This package is perfect for new or budding organizers looking to start or grow an organizing business.  It gives you a comprehensive overview of the organizing industry and basic organizing principles. It also includes how to classify team members for organizers that may want to hire or retain the services of organizing associates, and even gives you a bonus audio program on speaking, which is an amazing way to add on an income stream or market your organizing business!


  • Become a Professional Organizer (audio and Power Point pdf handout)

    Are you interested in becoming a professional organizer? The industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and has become more “professional” than ever before. It is an exciting time to run an organizing business. This program is perfect for someone that wants to become an organizer, is in the very early stages of an organizing business, and who has a service-based business and wants to add organizing services to the mix. Help clients clear the clutter, teach clients how to maintain organizing systems so that their spaces stay functional  long after you leave.

  • Classifying Your Team Members: Independent Contractors vs. Employees (audio and pdf handout)

    Thinking of hiring as a way to build your business? Confused about how to classify team members? Want to know the differences between independent contractors and employees? Look no further! I reveal the nuances of Classifying Your Team Members: Independent Contractors vs. Employees in this 75 minute audio interview.

  • Bonus: Dynamic Public Speaking (audio)

    Want to learn how to be a great public speaker? Look no further! Learn how to conduct engaging, informative, and interactive presentations to audiences large and small. Discover tips to improve your oral and nonverbal communication styles, inspire and motivate participants, and exude confidence and enthusiasm, while establishing credibility. My background as a teacher, lawyer, and performer has provided me with years of experience and expertise in speaking before live audiences. So get ready to have fun while learning how to be a dynamic speaker!

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