PowerUp! Mastermind Program

A 6-Month Program from January 6 to June 16, 2015

LMG University is thrilled to announce its first Master’s Level program for expanding business owners/entrepreneurs looking kick their business into high gear. The “PowerUp! Business Mastermind Program with Lisa Montanaro” is a 6-month comprehensive, intensive, and virtual group business coaching, training, and accountability program designed specifically with you in mind…

So…Are you Ready to…

…kick your business into high gear?

…create the business model you’ve been striving for?

…stop working so hard and, instead, work smarter?

…charge what you’re worth, and reach the levels of income you’ve dreamed of?

If you answered YES, then you need to PowerUp!

Launching on January 6, 2015, The PowerUp! Mastermind Program is a 6-month program created for the expanding business owner/student who’s seeking to:

  • Become clear on your business purposePowerUp
  • Stay focused on your product(s) and service offerings, as well as learn how to take them to the next level
  • Solidify financial strategies/increase profits
  • Develop multiple streams of income
  • Determine what’s not working in your business & how to make a change
  • Make your business your TRUE passion
  • Connect with like-minded and similar level business owners to learn, share, collaborate and joint venture with on various levels
  • Get your burning questions answered
  • Work ON your business to get to do’s that really matter, finally done!
  • Be accountable so you take consistent, purposeful action and enjoy profitable results!

T Jacquie“I’ve attended many business building seminars, teleclasses and workshops, and Kick Butt Business Boot camp was definitely one of the best! Lisa helped me to define some of the critical areas of my business that needed to be addressed and I left the boot camp with the tools I needed to succeed. Lisa’s business boot camps should be a requirement for all small business owners, whether they are new in business or a veteran! Thanks, Lisa!”

Jacquie Ross, CLC, CYPFC , Certified Life & Family Coach and Professional Organizer, Maryland SBA Award Winner


What Will We Do?

This is an experience that was designed from start-to-finish to help you, not just craft and fine-tune what you’re doing in business, but also to craft and fine-tune YOU as a business owner.

You’ll integrate the mindsets, habits and step-by-step business systems of successful entrepreneurs. You will meet lots of amazing people (your fellow students) from in and outside of your industry who will be your sounding board, cheerleaders, and accountability partners as you work on up-leveling your business.

All business owners in the program benefit from hearing the ideas, principles and techniques covered by the curriculum, regardless of being in different industries. Taking a business mastermind program like this with other business owners/students makes for a rich discussion and experience, and can get your business-building creative juices flowing.

Who Will Be Your Fellow Mastermind Members?

What I love about members/students who choose to step up and invest in a high level mastermind program is their commitment to their own success, to the success of their classmates/group members, and their generosity in sharing their experiences and expertise.  To be a successful mastermind member, you must be able to see the value in collaboration, be teachable and a teacher at the same time, and absolutely must be willing to take action. It’s the support so many entrepreneurs are missing and once they find it, it’s like finding your home.

Why Take a Mastermind Program with Me as the Leader?

If you aren’t familiar with me, you should know that my background includes being a business coach and consultant, attorney, mediator, and trainer of entrepreneurs, so no matter what type of business you own, you are in for a real PowerUp! experience! I use a part coach, part consultant approach — I ask probing questions helping you to dig deep, but also give expert advice, guiding participants to the answers they seek.

Amy Rehkemper“Lisa delivered on her promise to provide high-level content backed up by real-life examples garnered from her years of experience as a business coach and successful entrepreneur running her own business. She not only gives you solid tips and tools, but answers tons of questions and does mini-coaching moments on the spot so that attendees can tailor the content to their own businesses and learn from hearing her answers to other attendees. She is approachable, funny, and whip-smart too! What a winning combination! Attendees said they got their money’s worth and more, and were excited to implement the best practices into their businesses. Want to ensure that your business building event is a success? Make sure it includes Lisa Montanaro!”

Amy Rehkemper, NAPO Baltimore Chapter

Here’s the full program package and highlights of what you will experience and receive as a Student/Member of the PowerUp! Mastermind Program


Coaching to ask the questions that peel back the layers, dig deep and get to the core of what you want, are ready for, and what blocks are in the way of you getting there.


Consulting/Training on the how-to’s, practical steps, and know-how delivered in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step style. This is where you get to tap into my wealth of knowledge and expertise, and where I freely provide answers when you need them.


Mentoring to advise you through any learning curves and inspire you to play a bigger game. I am open to sharing my own lessons learned and success principles, as I find that one of the best ways I learn is by listening to successful people talk candidly about their mistakes made and what they learned from them along the way.

I am a very honest person and feel that by being transparent, I have been able to fully help my clients. People like to be inspired and know that the mentor/coach/expert they are working with is successful, sure. And I walk the walk and talk the talk. BUT it’s also motivational and inspirational to know that the person whose shoes you’d like to walk in, who is where you want to be, didn’t just magically get there. So I plan to pull back the curtain and show you the inner workings of my journey.


Masterminding so that we can brainstorm ideas together as a group and come up with solutions that are exciting and stretch you, but are also realistic.

Support & Accountability

Support & Accountability from a group that believes in you and knows what it takes to reach the milestones you set for your business. Consider me your kick-butt coach, partner in professional development, and cheerleader all rolled into one. And the other members of PowerUp! will be my trusty side-kicks offering their own support and accountability too!

Learn How to be Strategic!

In order to have a thriving and successful business, you need to be strategic. You don’t have to do everything. You have to do the right things for your business!

Stop chasing silver bullets. There’s no shortcut to creating revenue and building your business, especially in an uncertain economy. Before you start trying “everything” and chasing bright shiny objects, slow down and think through your strategy. A tactic that’s perfect for one business owner might be the wrong move for you. Do what will work for you, based on your value proposition and your target market. Leverage your strengths and don’t waste time with ideas that simply don’t fit your business model.

The PowerUp! Mastermind Program will help you create a plan designed to implement strategic business growth by focusing on three key elements: where your business is now, where you want to take it, and how you will get it there.  Get ready to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and identify the opportunities and how to act on them.

This comprehensive program for more experienced business owners and entrepreneurs will provide the know-how, while also forcing you to take a cold hard look at your business, dissect it, and put it back together strategically so that it is better and stronger! If you want results and are ready to dig in and PowerUp! your business, then join us!

You’re going to get off the merry-go-round of trying to figure things out, and get into action.

Christine-Sinclair“What a fantastic class last night! I always get so much from your classes, but this last class blew my socks off. Everyone was changed last night. We all stayed after you left and talked about what happened for quite a while afterwards. I’m so sorry to see the classes coming to a close. Thanks so much for everything.”
~ Christine Sinclair

This quote comes from a participant in my six-month Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) Mastermind Group of which I am the facilitator/leader.

During the PowerUp! Mastermind Program, you will learn how to:

    • Create a strategic plan for growing operationsIMG_0206
    • Determine the right business model for you
    • Determine your Unique Selling Proposition
    • Identify your Target Market and Ideal Client, and how to market to reach them
    • Be perceived as an expert in your area
    • Delegate and outsource to employees or subcontractors
    • Create your Profit Pyramid
    • Create multiple streams of income, leverage and repurpose your content, expand your delivery methods, offer options at multiple price points, create packages and value-based pricing, and give clients a menu or suite of services
    • Develop Strategic Partnerships and engage in Joint Ventures
    • Establish a Board of Advisors
    • Draft an Operations Manual
    • Focus on your unique areas of brilliance within your business
    • Learn how to work on your business, not just in it

Are you ready to PowerUp! your business? Then come join us!

This is considered a “graduate level” offering, so that all members are able to fully participate and be somewhat at the same level…

Are you a good match for the
PowerUp! Mastermind Program?

    • You must be an advanced and expanding business owner who has been running your current enterprise for at least 3-5 years.
    • You should have an established core foundation for your business and are looking to expand, streamline, or up-level your business.
    • You need guidance on growth strategies, building a team and systems, and leveraging income opportunities.
    • You want to accelerate cash flow and maximize profits via multiple streams of income and/or more focused offerings.
    • You want to elevate your personal platform while expanding the impact of your personal and business mission.

It is recommended that you already have a website and a way to capture and communicate with prospects and clients, or be willing to get these up and running immediately upon starting the program.

NOTE: You will be asked to sign a “Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement” to maintain the integrity of the group.

The entrepreneurs that regularly work with me are:

  • excited about working on their business and eager to engage in the process;
  • high-functioning, high-performing, and/or high-achieving individuals;
  • have a vision and are committed to bringing that to life;
  • believe in their work;
  • approach their business with an open mind and a positive attitude;
  • show up and do their “implementation” assignments;
  • are eager to try out creative ideas, practice new techniques, explore and dig deep;
  • are willing to laugh at themselves and hear the truth.

If this is you, you’re in for an amazing ride and I can’t wait to “see” you in Class on January 6th!

WEDC“Thank you for sharing your business expertise as the facilitator for the 8-month WEDC women’s entrepreneur mastermind program, and for being so transparent. I appreciated that! Lisa, you have a great wealth of knowledge and a unique way of presenting it. You have a special gift of connecting with people. Your information was practical and useful. It has given me food for thought. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. I hope our paths will meet in the future. Once again, gracias!”

Migdalia, Yorktown, NY

Program Format

This affordable 6-month mastermind exemplifies the accessibility that I aspire to provide through all of my offerings – from what’s included in the program to the pilot program fee. I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of my own business, and showing you what’s worked for so many of my successful clients.

Class will meet twice monthly by phone for 90 minutes. Both monthly calls will be open and interactive. Each month, class #1 will be curriculum focused and class #2 will be the open “Professors Hours” call with me. I’ve spent the last 11 years learning what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur, and how to help others along this path as well. And this is what I’ll be sharing with you over the course of this content-rich and exciting 6-month program.

  • A “Student Orientation” call for the group to get to know each other before we begin.webinar
  • 6 “Curriculum Calls” – These calls will be open-line allowing for interaction and learning. Each curriculum call has a theme based on the 6 PowerUp! Pillars: Purpose, Prosper, Promote, Productivity, Process, and Passion.
  • 6 “Professor’s Office Hours” Open Q&A Calls – Specially dedicated to Q&A, implementation, accountability, laser coaching, student spotlights, and to expand the conversation. This is key to a group program — the opportunity to ask your questions live with other participants. (Some of the best learning happens from listening to others’ questions and my answers!).
  • Mp3 recordings of all Curriculum Calls and Professor Office Hours Calls. Can’t make the calls live? No problem! All teleclasses will be recorded and emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • Completion of a Brief “Pre-Program” Business Profile – So I can get to know you and your business in more depth to best guide you.
  • Private “Kick-Off” Call with me 1:1 – A pre-program 30-minute call to set your goals for the program, and provide me with more background information on your business and your goals.
  • Course materials will include worksheets, templates, checklists, and other supportive materials to help facilitate the learning process and reinforce what you are learning.
  • MBA-school style group work opportunity – A group project similar to what students do in an MBA-program to reinforce the curriculum and enhance the learning experience.
  • Private PowerUp! Facebook Group – This is where you can enrich your experience even further. Network and mastermind with other classmates, gather feedback, ask questions, AND benefit from additional access to me during the entire program (yes, I will be personally monitoring the page and interacting and engaging with mastermind members the entire 6 months). In between calls, you will work on your implementation and you’ll receive support from me and other students the entire way through.
  • LMGU “Degree” – Certificate of Course Completion
  • Optional Upgrade: ​“Triple-Play” Individual Sessions with your Professor. If you need more targeted help, or want me to review your business ideas and materials, you have the option of upgrading and adding on a 3-session bundle at the special rate of only $499 (a $100 savings as a single Individual Session with me is regularly $200-3 sessions would regularly cost $600). LMGU is only offering this special upgrade offer in conjunction with this 6-month Mastermind program – you will not be able to book this in any other way. This option is only available until the halfway point of the program, and all 3 sessions must be used during the course of the program or within 30 days after the last class
  • Special LMGU Alumni status which provides you with discounts on future LMGUniversity courses, programs and retreats
  • Special bonuses – 2 ebooks: Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Law, and Bold Business Moves. PLUS an MP3 recording of my Success Principles for Excelling as an Entrepreneur.


Course Materials

Throughout the program, handouts will be provided to reinforce the topics. Handouts may include templates, articles, outlines, checklists, exercises and samples. Handouts will be provided in advance of, or immediately following class in electronic format.

Program Syllabus – Schedule & Description of Sessions

This program is a group instructional/training, coaching and mastermind program all-in-one. Each Curriculum Call will have a designated topic to guide the discussion for that evening. I will teach the curriculum, and serve as a facilitator as needed to answer questions and provide business expertise, as well as acting in an advisory/coaching capacity to provide guidance, motivation and accountability. Additionally, the students/group members will serve an important and invaluable resource for one another, which will aide learning, accountability, and implementation.

Please come prepared to share ideas, ask questions and learn from each other, not just from me!!

Program Curriculum

The PowerUp group will meet by teleclass over a series of six months on the first and third Tuesday of every month starting on Tuesday, January 6th and ending Tuesday, June 16th.

January 6, 2015 – Orientation & Curriculum Call: Purpose

  • Welcome Call
  • Meet and greet
  • Background of “Professor” and participants
  • Discuss goals for program
  • Review housekeeping and administrative aspects of course
  • Know Thyself & Know Thy Vision
  • Definition(s) of Success
  • Identifying or Refining Your Internal Business Mission
  • Purpose Litmus Test
  • Cinderella’s 3 Ugly Step Sisters: The 3 Blocks to Success

January 20, 2015 – “Professor Office Hours” Open Q&A w/Lisa

  • Implementation & accountability check-in
  • Laser coaching

February 3, 2015 – Curriculum Call: Prosper

  • Know Thy Value & Know Thy Numbers
  • Products & Services
  • Pricing & Fees
  • Price Objections
  • Bartering, Discounting & Pro Bono Offerings
  • Leveraged Business Growth: Multiple Streams of Income & Diversification

February 24, 2015 – “Professor Office Hours” Open Q&A Call w/Lisa

  • Implementation & accountability check-in
  • Laser coaching

March 3, 2015 – Curriculum Call: Promote

  • Know Thy Business & Know Thy Brand
  • Stake Your Claim
  • Marketing, Networking & Branding
  • Leadership as a Business Owner

March 20, 2015 – “Professor Office Hours” Open Q&A Call w/Lisa

  • Implementation & accountability check-in
  • Laser coaching

April 7, 2015 – Curriculum Call: Productivity

  • Know Thy Strengths & Weaknesses: Unique Areas of Brilliance
  • Your Business on a Macro & Micro Level
  • 3 Hats of a Business Owner
  • Letting Go to Grow: Outsourcing & Delegating
  • Shoemaker’s Shoes Syndrome
  • Learn When & How to Ask for Support
  • Life-Work Balance: Time Management for Business Owners

April 21, 2015 – “Professor Office Hours” Open Q&A Call w/Lisa


  • Implementation & accountability check-n
  • Laser coaching

 May 5, 2015 – Curriculum Call: Process

  • Know Thy Business Systems & Processes
  • Business Operations A to Z
  • Hiring, Supervising & Firing Your Business Team/Personnel
  • Business Automation: Checklists, Manuals, Spreadsheets

May 19, 2015 – “Professor Office Hours” Open Q&A Call w/Lisa

  • Implementation & accountability check-in
  • Laser coaching

June 2, 2015 – Curriculum Call: Passion

  • Know Thy Passions & Goals
  • Learn When to Take Calculated Risks
  • Learn When to Say No & Move on: Natural Progression to Business Cycles
  • Life-Work Integration
  • Joint Ventures
  • Your Business as the Means to a More Fulfilling Personal Life

June 16, 2015 – “Professor Office Hours” Open Q&A Call w/Lisa

  • Implementation & accountability check-in
  • Laser coaching

MaryStephaniePasqualetto“I have Lisa now as a mentor and coach for a women entrepreneur mastermind program that I am doing…And it is truly the best experience I have ever had.”
~ Mary Stephanie Pasqualetto

This program is worth about $10,000. No, I am not kidding!!!

That said, a 10K fee doesn’t properly reflect my wishes for this program. You see, I’m “over-the-moon” passionate about being an accessible business coach/consultant/mentor/trainer/facilitator. Delivering amazing content and providing a safe, but challenging space for you to up-level your business is at the core of who I am and it’s what my highest level clients appreciate most about our relationship and what keeps my coaching and training programs in high demand.

Your Investment

So I’ve decided to price this program so you can realistically make back your investment. With what you’ll learn and implement, you can make back your modest investment quickly, if you choose.

And that’s why the program fee is only $2,295.

And I’ve also created a super-affordable 3-pay option to support you – it’s your choice. You can get started with a $1,000 payment today, followed by 2 additional payments of $547.50 billed 30 days apart.

If you’re like the dozens of entrepreneurs I’ve talked with who are craving high level coaching and consulting, but don’t have the funds for my Platinum Coaching packages, you’ll love that you get full access to me in this program (and of course, to the rest of the PowerUp! members who can be just as powerful at moving your business forward, trust me!)

So… are you ready to rise to PowerUp!? Let’s do this!

***There’s even a 3-pay option if you prefer to spread the investment out over time.***

By Application Only

The PowerUp! Mastermind program is limited to a small group, and I am just as selective as you are in this process. Therefore, admission is by application only!

Click on the Apply Now button and it will bring you to the online application. Please answer the questions honestly and thoroughly so that I can assess whether you are a good fit for the program. The application will provide me with insight into you and your business, your expectations and goals, and what you want your lifestyle and business to look like in the future.

I promise that the application is not that time consuming, and will actually be a great exercise for you to fill out (there is “coaching” in the application itself!).


Private Coaching Upgrade available upon check out.

If you have any questions, email lisa@lisamontanaro.com

PS: You’ll be using this business building program to further your business. That means you can likely use it as a tax deduction. Check with your accountant just to be sure.

upgradeWant More One-on-One Access? Check out the Optional Upgrade: “Triple-Play” Individual Sessions with your Professor. If you need more targeted help, or want me to review your business ideas and materials, you have the option of upgrading and adding on a 3-session bundle at the special rate of only $499 (a $100 savings as a single Individual Session with me is regularly $200-3 sessions would regularly cost $600). LMGU is only offering this special upgrade offer in conjunction with this 6-month Mastermind program – you will not be able to book this in any other way. This option is only available until the halfway point of the program, and all 3 sessions must be used during the course of the program or within 30 days after the last class

“I enjoyed your Kick Butt Business Bootcamp hosted by the NAPO-Greater Philadelphia Chapter. The content was fabulous. But even more so, I want to thank you for patiently and comprehensively answering all of my questions! In 13 years of being a business owner, I can’t remember having an opportunity to ask one person such a variety of questions about running and marketing a business. What an amazing opportunity! Many other attendees thanked me afterward for asking so many relevant questions that all of us really wanted to know the answers to. Thank you again!”

Adriane Weinberg, www.organizedapproach.com

LMGU Disclaimer: We promise to deliver a top-notch quality program conducted by an accomplished business coach and consultant. You will receive an amazing amount of quality content to build, grow and up-level your business. However, if you’re looking for a magic pill for overnight success, think again. While the program is top quality, it is designed for entrepreneurs who are willing to show up, and do the work that it takes to implement the ideas taught. The program will expand what you believe is possible for you so you can create the successful business you are craving. When promoting this program, we use illustrative examples only and we cannot, and do not, make results guarantees, or give professional or legal advice. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money, although it is our hope that you do.