I tailor my coaching and consulting to each client’s unique situation, but have discovered themes among my clients, which led me to create my Signature System – The 6 Pillars of Powerhouse Success. The System encapsulates the most common stages that a client goes through in order to achieve success. Not all clients need to go through the entire system. Some clients work on one Pillar, some work on a few… some go in order, some need to move around. The system is a powerful, easy-to-follow guide to support you as you reach for success.

The System is one that has evolved from my own experience. I have very much created my purpose and I live my passion! How did I do it? I put myself through this system! Now, I have the privilege of helping others through this system and watching them transform their life and work.

Pillar 1: Purpose

The first step is to dig deep and discover your unique purpose for your life and business/career. We start by reviewing your vision, mission, and goals. Who are you really? What have you been longing for personally and professionally? This is where we tear down the walls and allow you to think big!

Pillar 2: Promote

It’s time to get yourself out there and step into your power! We create your personal and professional brand, which may include determining your target market and ideal client, and crafting your very own elevator pitch. We will review your online presence and all promotional materials to make sure they capture the Brand called You!

Pillar 3: Process

Learn how to systematize and automate your personal and professional life so that things run like a well oiled machine. We create the templates, checklists, forms, manuals and spreadsheets needed to track it all. This may include a business agreement and operations manual, bio, resume and cover letter, expenses spreadsheets, etc. But don’t worry. We sprinkle in some fun and inspirational stuff too like vision board and journaling exercises so it doesn’t feel too left-brain focused!

Pillar 4: Productivity

All of the great Powerhouse work you are doing won’t amount to anything if you don’t create the systems and balance to get it all done. This is when we tap into my years of experience as a productivity expert and cover time and task management, and my DECIDE to be Organized® methodology so that you can be the most productive “you” possible!

Pillar 5: Prosper

Now that you’re well on your way to becoming a Powerhouse Success, the next natural step is to take bigger actions, and make a bigger difference. This is the growth stage, where we add in leverage so that you prosper in a strategic way. We will examine the numbers, look at pricing and fees, create packages and programs, and make sure you know the value you bring to your business, organization, or life. Get ready to make major impact!

Pillar 6: Passion

In Pillar 6, we bring in the passion baby! Learn how to be a multi-passionate person, partner with others in meaningful ways, and incorporate your interests, hobbies, and passions into your business or work. We look at how you can take everything to the next level and integrate your personal and professional life in ways that improve and nurture both.