Crazy Busy is Not a Badge of Honor:
Effective Time Management for Professional Organizers & Their Clients

Presented by Lisa Montanaro for NAPO-New England Chapter
February 12, 2018

Dial In Number: 1-712-775-8968
Access Code: 919049

Recording: Click below to listen to the teleclass as an MP3. 

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Stop the glorification of busy and start getting things done! Topics include: time management systems, prioritization, saying no, project and task management, overcoming perfectionism and procrastination, and creating meta decisions. Be prepared for mindset shifts and behavioral changes, and working on tools during the session. Improve your own skills as you juggle running a business while living a full life, and pass what you learn onto your clients!

So many organizers are moving into productivity, but lack the solid knowledge and content to feel comfortable adding time management on as a service. The public is still very much asking for time management principles and training. Organizers and productivity consultants will experience a boost in their confidence in talking about, learning about, and passing on these time management principles and skills to their clients. Many organizers struggle with their own time management as they try to juggle running their business with their full personal lives. Therefore, professional organizers will learn a popular new skill to add onto their services, while improving their own time management in the process. This session will be CEU eligible for this organizers and productivity consultants that focus on time management with clients.

Key Takeaways

  1. Determine how your relationship with time plays into your time management skills and how to shift your mindset to improve those skills.
  2. Review various well known time management systems and processes to familiarize yourself with best practices in the field of time management, and discover which are a good match for you, your personality, your business, and lifestyle.
  3. Conduct a self assessment and create custom systems that you can use to be more productive using tangible tools like an Ideal Time Map, a Task and Project Management System, and more.
  4. Discover how to overcome psychological time management blocks and habits like multi-tasking, procrastination, perfectionism, and not being able to say no.
  5. Gain confidence to offer time management services to your clients, while improving your own time management strategies in the process.

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About the Presenter

Lisa Montanaro is a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, author, and coach specializing in work-life issues, including branding, business success, productivity and time management. Clients include law firms, universities, government agencies, professional associations, corporations, as well as individuals. Lisa is the author of The Ultimate Life Organizer and DECIDE to be Organized: An Empowering Process for Change.

Her work has been featured in numerous online and offline publications, and she has been interviewed on television and radio. Lisa earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Speech and Political Science from Hofstra University and a Juris Doctor Degree, magna cum laude, from Pace University School of Law. Her psychology background combined with savvy business experience gives Lisa unique insight into the lives of entrepreneurs and working professionals. To find out more about Lisa’s speaking, coaching and consulting programs, as well as her books and multi-media products, visit