I offer custom-tailored coaching, consulting, speaking and training programs for corporations, organizations, non-profits, government agencies, law firms, law schools, colleges, and universities.

Coaching reaches into corporations and organizations, not just the lives of individuals. Coaching is a performance improvement tool that can powerfully advance the careers and results of people at all levels of an organization. I help my clients set and reach higher goals, ask more of them than they would have done on their own, and focus them to produce results more quickly.

Coaching uses a process of probing questions to unearth the client’s level of awareness, and provides the client with structure, support and feedback. The accountability aspect of coaching is powerful, as the coach assists the client with implementing new skills, changes and goals to make sure they really happen.

Executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders often find that they must lead their staff and projects with little or no preparation or support. Coaching is a tool for business success…one that is critical for powerful leadership. Increasingly in the workforce, employers hire coaches for their employees as a form of positive assistance and non-monetary compensation. These employers recognize the benefit: your productivity increases, and your increased accountability contributes to the overall organization.

The following are examples of typical Corporate/Organizational Coaching and Consulting programs. Be sure to visit the Speaking page for speaking and training programs that can be combined with Coaching and Consulting for corporations and organizations. These programs are referred to as Speaking Plus.

Corporate/Organizational Consulting

I offer in-depth consulting for corporations, non-profits, government agencies, small businesses, associations, colleges and universities, and many other types of organizations. Consulting is offered across divisions and departments or company-wide, and is designed to address issues such as workplace morale, productivity, profitability, job satisfaction and office conflict resolution. Consulting is custom-designed in conjunction with management and designed to address specific areas in which breakthrough improvement is sought.

“Lisa helped our entire Career Services staff of 16 plan and execute a move to new office space. We keep records on thousands of students and programs, and the prospect of sifting through 20+ years of files was daunting. Lisa developed a smart, efficient plan–sensible and doable for both the pack-rats and the neat-nicks among us! Thanks to her, what could have been a tedious nightmare was instead a welcome opportunity to develop and implement new systems and start out in our new space better organized and free of unnecessary clutter. Brava, Lisa, and thank you from the bottom of our (now neat) file cabinets and color-coded hearts!” ~ Gail E. Cutter, Esq., Former Director, Career Services, the New York University School of Law, New York, NY
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Private Coaching for Individuals or Groups of Employees

I offer short and long-term on-retainer coaching for particular employees/professionals or groups of employees/professionals within a given organization, depending upon individual client need. This is similar to my Private Coaching for Individuals above, but is financed by the organization as an investment in the employee/professional or group of employees/professionals and their careers at the organization.

Workshops, Lunch & Learns, and Seminars

I offer a wide variety of programs custom-designed for each organization. Topic areas include productivity, time management, business development, networking, branding, managing conflict in the workplace, stress management, work/life balance and goal-setting and planning, among others. Visit the Speaking Page for full details.

Speaking + Consulting or Coaching

Many of my corporate and organizational clients benefit from a combination of speaking plus consulting or coaching. Usually, this involves a group presentation followed by consulting or coaching with individual managers/employees/team members in person or by Skype or phone, or a presentation preceded by or followed by a teleclass/webinar/coaching sessions.

Check the Speaking Plus Consulting section of the Speaking page for more details.

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I custom-design programming in accordance with each corporate and business client’s need. Please contact me by email or phone to discuss how I might best serve your organization’s needs and interests.