I was truly impressed with Lisa's knowledge, professionalism and energy.

"I first met Lisa at the Interior Redesign Industry Specialists (IRIS) annual conference in Denver, CO where she presented a seminar on how to add Organizing to your Redesign Business offerings. I was truly impressed with Lisa's knowledge, professionalism and energy. I then participated in Lisa's six-week DECIDE to be Organized on-line group coaching program. My goal was two-fold in that I was looking for tips for my own personal organizing challenges as well as looking to gain more expertise to pass on to my clients. I found the six-week program to be very beneficial on both fronts. Sharing stories and challenges with others on the call helped to inspire me to tackle the things I had been putting off. In turn, being able to offer encouragement and understanding to others on the call was rewarding as well. As I go through my old boxes of 'stuff' or work with others going through the same process, I continually ask myself Lisa's three key questions - "Do I Love it? Do I Use it? Do I need it?" If not - then out it goes! Thank you Lisa for your inspiration and for offering this on-line coaching program. It has been an eye-opening and rewarding journey! ”

Kathy Thrasher

It has changed me in so many positive ways.

"Taking the “DECIDE to be Organized” 6-week group coaching program with Lisa Montanaro was a business and personal decision that has been so motivating and empowering! It has changed me in so many positive ways.

I am also a Professional Organizer and help others all the time with their organizing dilemmas. I took the DECIDE program to help myself, and learn from Lisa both personally and professionally.

Over the six weeks, I had a sense of direction and was able to focus more on the areas that needed help, as I felt accountable. The weekly calls were a time to share and get feedback from the other participants, and for Lisa to share her knowledge and expertise. Lisa was so understanding and encouraging, and had a way of inspiring each of us to be better.

I learned so much from this program and would recommend it to anyone who knows they want to make changes, and just needs some help to get there!"

She is motivating, friendly, and just what I needed to gain the organizing skills I was so definitely missing.

"I recently took Lisa's Decide to Be Organized Teleclass. I always told people "I was born without the organizing gene" and it was something I really believed. I loved listening to Lisa's words of wisdom and to the other call members ups and downs. As the calls progressed, I noticed I was feeling energized between the calls and looked forward to sharing my progress. Lisa asks questions and helps you decide which tools to implement (not expensive) to get you moving towards your organizing goals. I am now empowered to make decisions that I just couldn't make before. She is motivating, friendly, and just what I needed to gain the organizing skills I was so definitely missing."

Warwick, NY

Lisa is warm, caring and passionate about helping others do and be the best that they can.

"Lisa is an amazing Renaissance Woman of many talents. She is passionate about her work. She makes her work FUN. Lisa is the ultimate problem solver. I love listening to Lisa during our group coaching sessions where she skillfully listens and then offers her suggestions, ALWAYS with respect, kindness and CLARITY.

The first time I spoke with her on a one-to-one basis, I already started to feel more organized. Being a part of her online group has helped me in so many ways to make even the smallest changes to make my life more efficient.

In Lisa's online group coaching program, she acknowledges each person's concerns. She points out the positive things that they do and helps problem solve how they can do something different. There is no criticism. Lisa is warm, caring and passionate about helping others do and be the best that they can. It is helpful to hear others tell their stories of paperwork pile ups, stresses with family and business/work, etc. as it makes you feel that you are not alone. Also, to receive encouragement from others is helpful -- we are all in this together.

I am so pleased to have been a part of her group coaching program and look forward to joining one of her programs again in the future."

Mena Messina Genetti
Warwick, NY

The phone coaching sessions were effective and very helpful for me

"I wanted to write and thank you for the help you have given me in our recent telephone coaching sessions! I've had various time management and organizational problems for some time now, but I never quite knew where to begin with solving them. I thought about formal classes, but of course, I didn't want to take time out to attend them! So when I realized that you were available for phone coaching, I thought I would give it a try! After the brief time it took for you to assess my situation, I was very pleased with the number of easy and practical steps that you suggested to help me to become more organized, prioritized and effective. I was especially pleased with the tips you gave me to help bridge my paper and electronic information, which is essential to the way I live and work. Since I've worked on the steps you suggested to use my paper system to support my electronic system, and rely on a single source for my information and prioritized actions, I have been able to more effectively get my task lists completed on time and with much less stress!!!

I must say that the phone coaching sessions were effective and very helpful for me, and since that time I have been reading your e-zine/Newsletter when it comes out for more tips and insights. Also, now that I have seen the value of having a subject matter expert help me with organizing and setting priorities, I am considered getting some more formal assistance. So, I strongly recommend to anyone that is struggling with organizing, time management, or prioritization issues, to get some help! No one should go it alone, especially when expert help is available to cut through all of their confusion and give them a new perspective! And I strongly recommend you , Lisa, as the expert they should choose!"

Mark A. Baker
Orchard Park, NY

I am making progress and am much happier.

"I was in your Orange-Ulster Boces 'Get Organized' class last Fall. My problem was home office/paper, etc. I just wanted to let you know that I am about to file my 2005 tax return. This is the first time that I have not been on double extension in 6 years! This is a tangible measure of success. I have streamlined certain of my monthly bill paying processes and am working on others. As a result, I have found the time to work on scrapbooks for my children. To treat myself, I plan to work on my scrapbook this weekend. What a way to celebrate tax day! Thanks again for your valuable suggestions. I still have many delayed decisions and need to reconfigure my entry landing zone, but I am making progress and am much happier."

Highland Mills, NY
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