Do you want to become a great public speaker or hone your existing speaking skills?

Have you been asked to give a presentation and are scared to death and aren’t sure how to pull it off?

Do you want to really wow your audience/client and get spin off speaking gigs?

Look no further!

Monica and LisaSpeak Up is back! This is a coaching and training program for aspiring speakers, as well as speakers with experience that want to “up their game” and knock it out of the park! Drawing upon my background as a performer, lawyer, professional speaker, and speaker coach, I will pull the speaker out of you so that you can ace your speaking engagements with confidence.

I have successfully presented this speaking program live in many locations across the U.S., including New York, Seattle and New Orleans. For the second year, I am offering it as a virtual program so that you can take advantage of it no matter where you live from the comfort of your own home or office. No travel expenses involved! It is ultra-convenient. All you need is a phone and/or computer.

And it gets even better! Once again a wonderful colleague will co-facilitate it along with me. And she’s not just anyone. My partner in crime is Monica Ricci, who is an accomplished speaker extraordinaire. In fact, Monica and I have shared the stage together a few ti mes now with amazing results. We have been called The Dynamic Duo! (Click here to check out my blog post about how Monica and I came together to present this program live a few years ago in New Orleans!)

Please join us for this amazing 8 week teleclass-based group program that will help you:

checkbox Conduct engaging, informative and interactive presentations for audiences large and small.
checkbox Learn how to prepare and deliver presentations of different types, lengths, and targeted to different audiences.
checkbox Improve your oral and nonverbal communication styles.
checkbox Inspire and motivate participants, exude confidence and enthusiasm, and establish credibility.
checkbox Overcome your fear of public speaking and use that fear to your advantage.
checkbox Increase speaking confidence.
checkbox Discover how to connect with the audience, use humor, and let your unique personality and style shine.
checkbox Learn how to effectively handle speaking snafus, such as interruptions, hecklers, and technical difficulties.
checkbox Get coaching and feedback from two professional speakers who make a significant portion of their income through speaking.
checkbox Learn how to use speaking as an income stream and a marketing funnel to build your business.

Whether conducting trainings, workshops, keynotes, or any other type of presentation, this program will help you become a more dynamic speaker!

Back-to-School Time is the Perfect Opportunity to Participate in a Program Like This.

public_speakerWe’ll start Thursday, September 8th and go for 8 weeks and end on October 27th. This program can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. You can be lounging by your pool, swinging in the hammock, or sitting on your deck with a glass of lemonade. That is the beauty of a virtual program. All you need is your telephone, and perhaps a computer/tablet/smart phone if you want to take it a step further.

See all of the Speak Up Program schedule and description of services here:

Special Bonus for the First 5 People to Register:

  • bonusAn audio interview of Lisa Montanaro titled “Breakthrough to Big: Speaking as a Breakthrough Moment for an Entrepreneur” from a telesummit she participated in as a guest expert hosted by Cathy Goodwin.
  • An ebook by Monica Ricci titled “Your Life Organized: It’s Not About The Stuff.”

testimonial-Deborah_CabralPsst… I’m even offering an early bird registration rate so you don’t have to dip into your summer fun stash! Check it out.

“Speak” to you soon!

One thing I love about owning a business is meeting other fabulous entrepreneurs. I had the pleasure of meeting Betsy Baker at Christine Gallagher’s live event in November 2012 in Philadelphia. I was a speaker on the Success Panel, along with Betsy, and we really hit it off! So, when she asked me if I’d serve as an expert for her new telesummit, I was thrilled to participate.

Then when I heard the theme of the telesummit, From Passion to Prosperity, I was even more excited! Betsy has a real down-home folksy style that I love, and you will too. She personally interviews all of the telesummit experts and you get to listen in and hear some great advice for your business. If you are like me, some of your best learning comes from listening to other entrepreneurs give their honest advice on mistakes made on their journey, and how they have learned to prosper.


Join me for the Passion to Prosperity Telesummit: How the Experts Turn Their Passion into Profit. I’ll be speaking on Day 6, Tuesday, August 20th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. See the whole speaking lineup here.

When you register, you’ll walk away with step-by-step knowledge of how to:

  • Develop a memorable marketing message that you’ll have others repeating in no time.
  • Find out exactly what your ideal client wants from you – and how they want it.
  • Instantly get your message in front of thousands of people.
  • Stay motivated and keep moving forward when the going gets tough.
  • Partner with rockstar online entrepreneurs for instant increased exposure and greater income opportunities.

These are real-life, actionable nuggets of advice. Plus, when you register, all of the experts have agreed to share a special bonus gift with you.

Don’t miss out! Hear from the telesummit presenters beginning Monday, August 12th. Register now for all the details and confirm your seat.

entrpreneurial_curseAre you a newer entrepreneur and notice that owning a business is harder than you thought it would be? Whether you are an existing business owner or thinking of starting a business, you may have noticed that being an entrepreneur is both rewarding and frustrating.

Why? The answer is the Entrepreneurial Curse!

What’s the Entrepreneurial Curse?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s two sides of the same coin: The greatest thing about owning your own business is that you are your own boss. At the same time, the hardest thing about owning your own business is . . . you are your own boss! In order to avoid this curse, learning exactly what it takes to be a successful business owner is key — which “hats” you wear best, and how to juggle all of the demands of entrepreneurship and still thrive.

I’d love to share some core business principles with you based on my own business success, and that of the entrepreneurial clients I have been privileged to work with as a business consultant/trainer.

yeaJoin me for this enlightening (and complimentary!) teleclass where we will discuss what it takes to be a successful business owner and how to avoid (and overcome!) the “Entrepreneurial Curse.” I want you to be able to enjoy the freedom, flexibility and profitability that business ownership brings without getting caught in the trap of wearing all of the hats at the same time, and failing to excel at any one of them.

This teleclass is open to all business owners, but is especially targeted at the newer entrepreneur in the first few years of business, or emerging entrepreneurs that are hoping to make their dream of owning a business a reality.

I’d love you to join me for a Complimentary Teleclass to guide Newer Business Owners!

Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013
Time: 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific

Click here to sign up!

Sometimes, we have a tendency to look at women with successful businesses and think “How did she do that?”, or “It looks so easy for her, if only I had that same opportunity or luck or gifts”.

But the truth is I too had bumps on my road to success, it hasn’t always been an easy journey. I had to break through fears and doubts, learn new tools & skills and build a strong foundation of support from those that travelled the path before me.

That’s why I’m sending you this email!

I want to personally invite you to be a part of an enriching virtual event that I’m so excited to be participating in. This virtual event is 100% FREE but loaded with value equivalent to being in a mastermind group of 20 mentors for 2 weeks!

I’ll be speaking at the The Feminine Energy Revolution Virtual Event along with 19 other amazing women and host Robin Cordova.


Imagine what it would be like to get exactly what you need to start, grow and profit in your business the way you’ve always dreamed possible.

Just go to and sign up now, and we’ll send you all the details so you can join us!

With free gifts and giveaways you’re not going to want to miss this content-rich virtual event, but if you can’t make it, we’ll send you a link to the replay.

Save your spot here at, I can’t wait to “see” you there!

Have you ever wished you could just call somebody to get the answer you need right there on the spot?

Have you ever wanted to be able to talk to an expert just for a few minutes so you could get the ‘one’ tip you need to get over the sticking point for your growth?

Have you ever dreamed you could ask for help without worrying about how much it would cost?

Well, this is exactly what you are about to experience….keep reading, this might be just what you’ve been waiting for…

Get Your Burning Question Answered Once And For All!

Imagine…if you could…

  1. Go from goals to results, the gold mine to transform clarity into focus into $$$ with Nadine Nicholson
  2. Say No to scarcity and learn how to charge what you are worth with Miki Strong
  3. Crack the secret codes of Facebook and transform it into an irresistible magnet with Toni Coleman Brown
  4. Boost your productivity by improving your time, space, paper and workflow systems with ME!
  5. Kick your Visibility to the roof, master the “Visibility Boom” strategy with Gina Bell
  6. Make Money your best friend and attract more of it starting now with Agatha Kulesza
  7. Double your referrals and your clientele and discover the power of up-selling with Lisa H. Riggi
  8. Website Best Seller revealed, transform your site into a money machine with Mary-Ellen McAllister
  9. Tame your Gremlins and tap into an abundance of time and money with Shelley Streit 
  10. Leverage the power of others to Quantum Leap your Income with Christine Marmoy

This is exactly what my business friend, Christine Marmoy, will be sharing with 9 other experts, yours truly included, in a FREE Virtual Event LIKE NO OTHER!

This is not a traditional Telesummit, this is not a passive event… this event is for you…you get to go behind the wheel and discuss with us, privately. Yes, you read it right! Each day, 2 experts will be at your disposal for one hour, you’ll be able to ask your most burning questions on a one-to-one basis absolutely FREE!

My Coaching Hour is set for Tuesday, April 24th at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. You can call in and ask me anything — privately! For a few minutes, it will be just you and I on the line via Skype. It will be a jam-packed hour of laser coaching as I spend a few minutes with each person that calls in. So if you want to ask me a productivity, business, life or career quest ion, call in and ask away! BUT you must sign up first here.

Can’t make it for a call or what if…the expert you want to talk to is busy?

Not a problem, you’ll be able to write down your question and the expert will answer after her call, however, you’ll have to submit your question during her call time to get the answer. You can talk to one expert or to all of them, it’s entirely up to you.

This ‘Coaching Marathon’ Special Virtual Event will start on April 23rd!

Are you up for it? If so, join me here and LET’S TALK PRIVATELY ABOUT RESULTS…

Is your business the dream you hoped for when you started? Do you often feel guilty about working instead of spending time with your family or the other way around?

Do you feel that you are working WAY too hard for the results you are getting?

If yes, I have good news for you… STOP right here and listen…

Having an online business requires effort, energy, work and discipline. However it also requires RESULTS, otherwise you don’t have a business.

What if …?

  1. work_lessYou could attract all the clients you want without spending hours in the process.
  2. You knew how to build your list faster so you can increase your income quicker while reducing your working hours.
  3. Somebody were to give you The Magic Formula to do more in less time, so you still have plenty of time to spend with your family.
  4. You knew exactly how to create Visibility Boom, be seen everywhere, so you become a client magnet in no time.
  5. You could plan your marketing so it fits with your lifestyle and generates high returns.
  6. You discover the one thing you need to gain clarity so you know exactly where you want to take your business without wasting time on doubts, trials and errors.
  7. You could discover the quickest path to create irresistible offers, without spending months in the production.
  8. You found out the Mystery Map to launch your offers in 30 days, so they will sell like hot cakes.
  9. You knew how to set up a Customer Care service that is efficient without losing your mind.
  10. You knew how to design a Dream Team to support Your Life and Your Business.
  11. Know the impact indecisiveness plays in your business and life and how becoming a quick and efficient decision maker can make you more productive and successful (this is MY topic, so be sure to tune in for that call!).

This is exactly what my business friend, Christine Marmoy, will be sharing with 9 other experts, yours truly included, in a FREE Telesummit ‘You can have it ALL’.

Special Telesummit will start on March 19th!

Christine runs 2 successful online businesses while raising 4 children and enjoying life to the fullest… AND so can YOU!

There is no magic; if you want to succeed with your business, you need to apply MUST-KNOW-MUST-DO, simple strategies, and make sure you use your time wisely so you have a LIFE.

Are you up for it? If so, join me here and LET’S TALK ABOUT RESULTS…